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Tree Canada:

Corporate Social Responsibility is paramount at the Canadian Institute of Home Inspectors. With the growing evidence of climate change, we have chosen to partner with Canada’s leading non profit tree planting organizations - Tree Canada.


Tree Canada has had “roots” in Canada for nearly 30 years and has planted over 82 million trees in urban communities and rural areas throughout Canada. These include urban forestry projects along with areas affected by natural disasters through its ReLeaf Program like Ontario, Quebec, BC, Nova Scotia, and Alberta. For those interested in learning more, a documentary called “Place of Green” aired on PBS and Global TV in 2007 which is the same year the privately funded charity received the prestigious Canadian Environment Award for their commitment to environmental stewardship.


We at the Canadian Institute of Home Inspectors understand the importance of corporate stewardship and have chosen to become partners with this amazing organization as a healthy Canadian backyard full of trees is not only beneficial for our health and environment but fosters our economy. The parallel between healthy Canadian forests and our housing industry is a simple one to understand and we want to ensure both remain strong and competitive.


It has been estimated that the creation of each training module from the Canadian Institute of Home Inspectors, printed on recycled paper, creates approximately 5 lbs. of carbon dioxide (CO2). For every student that enrolls in our home inspections training program; we have pledged to plant one tree on their behalf in areas needed most in Canada. It is estimated that the average rural Canadian tree can absorb up to 16 lbs of carbon dioxide per year. This is yet another benefit of enrolling with the Institute: you will be helping to create a greener, healthier, and more prosperous Canada for us and future Canadians.


The Canadian Institute of Home Inspectors I.R.I.N.A. Scholarship:

The Canadian Institute of Home Inspectors recognizes and applauds our industry leading tradespeople and aims to help them achieve further success in the areas they are most passionate about. The Institute has created a scholarship to do just that; students enrolled at the Canadian Institute of Home Inspectors can apply for a $500 reduction in their tuition for our training modules and in class week long intensive learning session. Currently we have no caps limit for the program and we encourage everyone to apply! However, some criteria points have to be met including but not limited to: the trade must be related to the housing industry, the applicant must be a registered journey person or Red Seal as found in the following list http://www.red-seal.ca/trades/tr.1d.2s_l.3st-eng.html. Proof of certification will be requested and verified to ensure fairness to all applicants. Not yet a graduated tradesperson? Don’t worry, read on because we have you covered.


The Canadian Institute of Home Inspectors Trades Award:

Students currently enrolled in a Canadian Red Seal Program trades as listed here http://www.red-seal.ca/trades/tr.1d.2s_l.3st-eng.html may apply for a $2,000 award. This award is divided between tuition for the student’s current trades program and future tuition at the Canadian Institute of Home Inspectors. The award is transferable should the recipient be unable to use its full potential. Speak to your post secondary financial officer to learn more about how you can apply for this Award. All post secondary training institutions that offer Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship approved trades courses and the Canadian Institute of Home Inspectors home inspection training modules are eligible for this award.