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Home Inspection Careers

Home Inspection Careers

A Home Inspection career is one of the most rewarding careers you will come across. Being able to work from home, for yourself if you choose, while earning a high income is one of the main reasons people chose a Home Inspections career. This job does not put physical strain on a person, which will allow you to have your career for many years to come.

If you have an affinity towards learning how systems such as plumbing supply / drain lines, boilers, water heaters, softeners, sump pumps, furnaces, air conditioners, air handlers, humidifiers, electric heaters, electrical wiring, heating systems, interactions between insulation and ventilation: then a home inspection career is just for you. You will never experience ground hog day, as every home is different. Every client is different. Your local economy will have recessions and booms, yet you will always learn something new.


Using your past knowledge from course materials and previous work experiences, you will inspect homes for your clients noting deficiencies (and positive features) allowing them to make informed decisions whether to continue with the purchase of the home or move on to the next. It is one of the most rewarding feelings when a client thanks you for your time and expertise which allowed them to make an informed decision regarding the property.


While a Home Inspection career does not require you be a journeyman trades person, you will soon learn that as a Home Inspector you understand how a home functions as a whole system rather than individual components. A journeyman trade understands his part in the home very well but you will become an expert in the overall function of a home.


You will become friends with your industry referral partners such as Realtors, mortgage brokers, property management companies, restoration companies, other trades business owners, and even other home inspectors. Developing a strong core of industry partners will help you become the local expert in all things related to homes. No other trade or profession requires a single individual to understand all the minute details in a home and how they work together.